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White Roses: What Do They Mean?

White Roses: What Do They Mean?

White roses are the symbol of innocence and purity. Brides usually choose roses of this color to make their bridal bouquet. However, the meaning of white roses encompasses much more. From Luxe Rose, the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, we will tell you the secrets of these flowers and, also, we’ll tell you the best times to give someone a bouquet of white roses.

What do white roses symbolize?
Roses in this color symbolize innocence, charm and purity. It’s for this reason that in many weddings these flowers are the stars of the ceremony. Also, they represent the loyalty that exists between the bride and groom, together with the pure, sincere, happy and eternal love between the couple.

These flowers also symbolize what one person thinks of another and the fullness and satisfaction that they feel being at this person’s side. This is why these flowers are often given to sick people because it’s a way of saying to them that you love them and that you are thinking of them.

Also, white roses are the most important flowers for floral art, together with chrysanthemums and carnations.

When should I give white roses?
If you have ever asked yourself when is the best time to give white roses, this article is going to help you. Due to the symbolism of these flowers in this color, there are two key moments:

At weddings: White roses are the quintessential flowers for any wedding ceremony because of their meaning, and are used both in the ornamental decoration and in the bridal bouquet. They represent the pure union between the bride and groom and the eternal loyalty between them. If you are responsible for organizing the bridal bouquet, think of white roses…you won’t go wrong! Also, you can use preserved white roses so that they last for a long time and the bride can keep a memento of one of the most special days of her life.

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are another suitable time for giving white roses. You can add a birthday card to the flowers, which will make the birthday boy/girl feel special. Anniversaries are usually important moments for everybody, and who doesn’t like getting nice things on their birthday? Give a bouquet of white roses to that special somebody, and they’ll definitely thank you.

For funerals: Due to the meaning of white roses, white roses are a great choice for funerals because they symbolize hope, purity and the promise of heaven. You can give a bouquet of white flowers or a single flower. Also, it’s said that these flowers in a funeral represent both a new beginning and condolences for the family, esteem and appreciation. You can use them on the seats of the church, in flower centerpieces, in crosses, in wreaths…

At Luxe Rose, you will find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants.